Diana Walpole writes in State of the Art about Silk Design By Susan Tinker

Recently, in Diana Walpole’s blog “Stat of the Art” Museum Store Connection, she writes:

Susan’s rich and colorful designs come alive. She begins by layering French silk dyes onto the silk using a variety of methods. Squeeze bottles are used to flood the color over the silk. Patterns may be printed or painted. She may even draw more intricate designs such as dragonflies or butterflies. One of Susan’s favorite techniques is a decades-old watercolorist trick. It involves pouring sea salt over the wet surface. The sea salt creates more patterns and dimension in the color by lifting, pooling, and moving the pigment. The result is always unexpected. She also uses sponges, stamps, rollers brushes and even a cookie cutter. “Just about anything can be used as a tool with which to print or paint…”

read the full article here.

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